Self Storage large selection of storage units for individuals and commercial clients

Make use of a reliable storage facility with Northwest Self Storage – a large selection of storage units for individuals and commercial clients.

Northwest Self Storage offers a large selection of storage units for individuals and commercial clients. We are committed to fulfilling all of our customers’ storage needs. Our number 1 priority is to make sure that your belongings are kept safe and secure while they are in our care. Whatever your reasons are for needing a storage unit, we guarantee that you will not regret choosing us.

We Offer:

  • Climate Controlled Storage
  • Controlled Access Storage
  • Heated and Unheated Storage Units
  • Household Storage
  • Indoor Storage
  • Residential Moving and Storage
  • Self-Storage
  • Short-Term Storage
  • Solid Wood Construction
    (No Mildew and Rust)
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Weatherproof Storage

Premium Storage Services

Centered on Client Satisfaction

Short-term storage services are available at Northwest Self Storage. We also offer several types of vehicle storage to residents of Lacey, WA. For your safety and the safety of your stored items or vehicles all of our units are monitored around the clock with cameras and patrolling security personnel. The full fences around the entire facility help to keep intruders out. We have also installed roll-up doors that make it easy for any client to load all their items into the storage container.

Facility Features:

  • Camera Monitored
  • Clean and Secure
  • Easy Roll-Up Doors
  • Units Range in Size From 5’x5’ to 10’x40’
  • Fully Fenced
  • Individually Fire Protected
  • Lacey Facility Equipped With Cargo Lifts for Convenient 2nd Floor Access
  • Lighted
  • Security Patrolled

About Granite Storage

Granite is a common type of felsic intrusive igneous rock that is granular and phaneritic in texture. Granites can be predominantly white, pink, or gray in color, depending on their mineralogy. The word “granite” comes from the Latin granum, a grain, in reference to the coarse-grained structure of such a holocrystalline rock. By definition, granite is an igneous rock with at least 20% quartz and up to 65% alkali feldspar by volume.

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